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Our Mission Statement

NTAAA’s objectives are to provide cost-effective advertising and promotional opportunities and services to our business clients and provide measurable return-on-investment as well as increased sales, consumer traffic, consumer impressions and community involvement. Our niche is based on matching our client’s interests with outdoor and indoor advertising products and services that provide a direct link to our clients’ consumer interests and their locations.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

  • Branding Exposure
  • Consumer Targeting Benefits
  • Consumer Relationship Enhancement
  • Community Involvement Benefits
Our Inventory

Our Inventory

  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Community Arena Advertising
  • Laurentian University Sports Venue Advertising
  • University & Junior ‘A’ Hockey Team Sponsorship

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Transit Advertising

Transit Advertising

  • Back-of-Bus, Side signage, Top banner signage, Window graphics, interior signage
  • Illuminated advertising panels
  • Full-colour graphics on Bus-Stop benches
Digital Advertising

Digital Billboard Advertising

  • We offer 10 second commercial spots on full-colour digital billboards in Greater Sudbury.
  • Various locations are available including the new MALEY BYPASS that provides..
Arena & Venue Advertising

Sport Venue Advertising

  • full-colour rinkboards, in-ice logos, wall signage, glass signage, step signage, washroom signage, floor signage, poster signage
  • 2,000,000 impressions annually

Team Sport Partnerships

  • On-ice and On-court consumer promotions
  • Laurentian University Team sponsorship
  • Junior ‘A’ Hockey Team sponsorship

Our Partners

Our Satisfied Advertisers

Kevin EadyThe Day Group and Day Family would sincerely like to thank the Mark Burgess’ companies in particular the Rayside Canadians

Day has been a long-time supporter of the Sudbury Wolves when Mark was an owner and it is great to see his companies active in the sports world again

This years advertising event with the Rayside Canadiens and the NOFCC was a remarkable success financially for the NOFCC, but more satisfying for the help given, awareness and connections obtained. As you are aware a special person/employee of Day, caused the Day Group to sponsor the event and little did we know it would be her last event with the Day Group. Through the active participation of the Day Family and the Day Social Club happy memories will live on for a long time and connections were made outside the Day Group by way of old friends, business acquaintances and new acquaintances.

It was a heartfelt experience and likely one Day would want to continue on with.

We should all be proud of the effort given and thank the Burgess and Day families for their generosity. Both groups realize that advertising and promoting events are more than the cost associated with the events.

Mr. Burgess and Mr. Day’s legacy continues.

Kevin Eady
Day Group

Kevin Eady

Querney's Office PlusWhen we started our business, we wanted to “brand our business” and we sought Blaine Smith to do some bus advertising as well as arena advertising.  It was quite the success as our sales ramped-up quickly!  We continued working with Blaine and the NTAAA team to do additional arena advertising and we now have floor decals in additional Community arenas at the present time.

John Querney

Querney’s Office Plus

John Querney

The team at Skater’s Edge Source For Sports is a proud partner of NTAAA. We always receive great and honest service working with Mark and his team.

Matt Zawierzeniec
Managing Partner

Skaters Edge Source for Sports
Sudbury, Ontario

Matt Zawierzeniec

NTAAA has been a fantastic company to partner with. We have used their services from a full bus-wrap to arena rink-boards with great success for more than 10 years. I would recommend Mark Burgess’ company to everyone as they are easy to do business with.

Kelly Toppazzini

Topper’s Pizza Franchising Company
Sudbury, North Bay, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

Kelly Topp

It’s been a pleasure working with Mark and Blaine through our media sponsorship previously for the Sudbury Wolves and currently with the Rayside Balfour Canadians Jr. A Hockey club. We applaud them for their commitment to the community both personally and professionally.   From offering solutions to local businesses to their support for local sports as well as donating to local causes. We look forward to continuing our partnership.

Abbas Homayed
Publisher |

Abbas Homayed

As a community cooperative group, we are proud to support our local arenas as well as the Rayside Balfour Canadians hockey team.  Desjardins has been working closely with Blaine Smith and his team to enhance and improve the fan experience and to promote our brand at the Rayside Balfour Canadians hockey games, we can attest to their professionalism and outstanding attention to detail. We are always very pleased with the response we receive from everyone at NTAAA and we look forward to working with them over the next years!

Richard Dupuis
Senior Vice President

Business Banking at Caisse Desjardins Ontario Credit Union Sudbury, Ontario

Richard Dupuis

NTAAA Media Centre

NTAAA’s objectives are to provide cost-effective advertising and promotional opportunities and services to our business clients and provide measurable return-on-investment as well as increased sales, consumer traffic, consumer impressions and community involvement.
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