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Kevin EadyThe Day Group and Day Family would sincerely like to thank the Mark Burgess’ companies in particular the Rayside Canadians

Day has been a long-time supporter of the Sudbury Wolves when Mark was an owner and it is great to see his companies active in the sports world again

This years advertising event with the Rayside Canadiens and the NOFCC was a remarkable success financially for the NOFCC, but more satisfying for the help given, awareness and connections obtained. As you are aware a special person/employee of Day, caused the Day Group to sponsor the event and little did we know it would be her last event with the Day Group. Through the active participation of the Day Family and the Day Social Club happy memories will live on for a long time and connections were made outside the Day Group by way of old friends, business acquaintances and new acquaintances.

It was a heartfelt experience and likely one Day would want to continue on with.

We should all be proud of the effort given and thank the Burgess and Day families for their generosity. Both groups realize that advertising and promoting events are more than the cost associated with the events.

Mr. Burgess and Mr. Day’s legacy continues.

Kevin Eady
Day Group

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